Sheepskin Rugs

Our sheepskin rugs have been hand selected from a tannery in Devon for their deep luxurious pile & large symmetrical shape. Sheepskin rugs are versatile as they can be used as soft cosy rugs or a throw over a sofa, they are practical too as they can be washed at a low temperature. Please use non biological washing powder & we advise drying them naturally on a dry windy day for the best results.
The rugs are available in 3 different finishes, the most popular, the 8cm long wool sheepskin rug,the mongolian sheepskin rug which has tiny ringlets and the Yeti sheepskin rug which has more of a shaggy look. They are available in 5 standard sizes, single, double, triple, quad and sexto sheepskin rugs.
WE ALSO OFFER A BESPOKE SERVICE FOR THE PERFECT RUG, PLEASE RING FOR DETAILS- 01458 445334 – the biggest we have ever made was a carpet for a bedroom!


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